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Your Child’s Dental Care

In 2000, the Surgeon General declared in a first ever report on Oral Health in America;

Oral health is integral to general health. You cannot be healthy without oral health. Oral health and general health should not be interpreted as separate entities. Oral diseases are progressive and cumulative and become more complex over time. They can affect our ability to eat, the foods we choose, how we look and the way we communicate.These diseases can affect economic productivity and compromise our ability to work at home, at school or on the job.

Healthy teeth and gums are important as your child grows to help them develop good speech, healthy eating habits and good social skills.

  • Cavities are the most common chronic disease of early childhood.
  • Oral diseases are infectious, often painful and expensive to treat.
  • Poor oral health has been linked to diabetes, heart disease and other long-term health problems in adults.

As your child grows, she will go through several stages of dental development. It is important to have your child’s dental care supervised by a pediatric dentist. The significant stages of development are:

  1. Infant – 1 years old First Visit
  2. 1 – 2  years old The Foundation
  3. 2 – 6  years old Primary
  4. 6 – 12 years old The Foundation
  5. 12 years old and up Transition