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1 to 2 Years Old

The Foundation

During this period of time, your child’s “baby teeth” or Primary Teeth are developing. Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet is extremely critical for the proper formation of healthy teeth and enamel as it has a direct effect on the permanent teeth when they develop later. Your child’s primary teeth are important in their speech development and chewing food properly. Dr. Werner recommends regular examinations (every 6 months), cleaning and fluoride applications as needed.

If your child’s primary teeth decay become infected or are knocked out/damaged due to injury, the permanent teeth may not grow in properly (requiring orthodontics) or may be permanently discolored, pitted or weakened.

Areas of Concern:

  • Brushing Twice Daily with just a dab of Fluoride Toothpaste
  • Proper bottle and pacifier use
  • Proper nutrition
  • Speech development
  • Proper jaw and facial bone formation
  • Signs of disease or decay

Recommended Procedures:

  • Six-Month Examinations and Cleanings.
  • Topical Fluoride Treatments
  • Assessments of the child’s diet, speech development and general health.

Dr. Werner encourages a proper diet including the 5 major food groups: grains & cereals, fruits, vegetables, protein and dairy products. Read the labels of products you give your child to eat or drink. Eliminate products with high sugar content, including sweetened juice drinks. Look for “whole” foods sweetened naturally with a high nutritional value. Your children will love these foods if you start them on the right path now.